Spring Cleanup

Essential’s Exclusive 10 Step Spring Cleanup service brings hundreds of homes and business to life every spring.

If you’re going to do one thing for your landscape this is it. You’ll view your property with pride as our professional landscapers astound you with their attention to detail.

Did you know?

A spring cleanup isn’t just a matter of trimming some edges and throwing down mulch. There are 10 specific steps our pros take on each project to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

1. We inspect all your plants for signs of disease and damage. We remove any dead and broken plant branches. Then prune as needed. [Does not include tree/shrub trimming]
2. Cut ornamental grasses back, if needed. 
3. Remove all debris from beds. Including trash, leaves, twigs etc.
4. Pull/spray weeds. **If weeds are extensive, there may be an additional charge.
5. Edge the beds to 2-3” in depth. Edge the concrete and paved surfaces so that mulch doesn’t spill out later on
6. Fertilize the plants with a balanced fertilizer.
7. Apply herbicide weed barrier to help prevent new weed seeds from germinating.
8. Clean up any mess made on pavement so that dirt and debris does not get mixed in with fresh mulch. 
9. Install up to the estimated yards of mulch, over existing beds, so that finished depth of existing and new mulch equals 2”-2 ½”. **If more mulch is needed, there will be an additional charge.
**You’ll notice that we keep mulch away from tree trunks, shrub bases and perennial crowns. Since mulch is actively decaying to put nutrients back into the soil it will also decay the living tissue of your plants. Mulch piled around trees and shrubs is a leading cause of plant death in the landscape. **
10. Thoroughly clean up. This includes the driveway, sidewalks, patio, deck, and street, if needed.
*Please have dog fence or any other shallow buried private utilities marked prior to service.


Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy, strong and beautiful is Essential! 

Often overlooked, pruning is one of the most important parts of maintaining your landscape investment. Selectively pruning the right branches at the right time will keep trees and shrubs youthful and vigorous. Conversely, improper cuts and pruning at the wrong time can seriously harm the plant’s health and appearance. 

Since there’s no one size fits all approach to pruning, Essential’s landscape professionals assess needs on an individual basis and custom tailor solutions based on your plants condition and budget.

Weed Control Service

You’re a busy person with a lot on your plate. Pulling weeds is a waste of time. Leave it to Essential to keep your garden weed free all season long. 

Did you know that pulling certain weeds will cause the problem to get worse? Essential’s technicians are trained in weed identification, herbicide selection and proper application techniques. This year, use Essential’s Weed Control Service and come home to a weed free landscape you can enjoy.   

Fall cleanup

You know the feeling. The weather cools, the leaves start to fall, days get shorter, you get busier and you find yourself with no time for your cleaning up a messy landscape. And you know it’s not just the mess, it's the damage caused by leaves caused by covering your lawn.  

Fall leaf cleanup service

During the fall our leaf removal service runs on weekly and bi monthly routes. So, we remove the leaves as they come down not after sitting for weeks, smothering your lawn.

Final Fall Cleanup puts your plants to sleep for their winter hibernation.

Essential’s Exclusive 7 step Fall clean-up program:
1. Cut back perennials and ornamental grasses, remove annuals. 
2. Clear debris from landscape beds.
3. Pull weeds.
4. Apply pre-emergent weed control (to help eliminate weeds from germinating during the winter and sprouting in the spring)
5. Apply fertilizer to plants (to feed your plants throughout the winter months)
6. Edge landscape beds and all hard surfaces.
7. Air sweep hard surfaces to remove leaves, dirt, and debris.

If you want to work with ONE company to cover all your landscaping and lawn care needs, this is for you. 

When you’re an Essential Comprehensive Client we provide regularly-scheduled maintenance visits by landscape professionals. They take care of everything: Lawn care, bed care, weed control, disease and pest management, seasonal color design and installation, trimming and edging, pruning, and water features maintenance. We have professional irrigation technicians that will maintain your irrigation system. We also have lighting professionals for any landscape lighting needs. When the season is over, our snow removal department will take care of your winter needs. 
Call us at937-384-0440
for our landscape maintenance services.

"Great people! Knowledgeable staff, high-quality service. The Project Manager was fantastic and excellent to work with. Highly recommended."

- Roger Walker [Google +]


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