Learn More About Essential Landscaping & Irrigation LLC

Essential Landscaping & Irrigation LLC is a locally owned and operated business. Located in Miamisburg, OH. We are a full-service landscaping, irrigation, and maintenance company. We have been serving the Dayton area since 1989. The effort that we put in to each project is unbeatable. We even have a fleet of more than 20 trucks that are used for various landscaping service purposes. Contact us today!
Photo of Steve Campbell

Our Journey Through the Landscaping Service Industry

Steve Campbell began work at the age of 12 with a paper route. Later, when he earned enough money to purchase a few old mowers, he began working in the neighborhood. He continued this until he had saved enough money to buy a truck and eventually newer and larger mowers. With his new equipment and a fierce work ethic, he served more customers and expanded his offerings.

At the age of 18 in 1989, Steve Campbell started Essential Lawn Care with a high school friend. Initially, they began as a property maintenance company and since then have grown to provide irrigation system design and installation serviceslandscape design and installation services; and hydro-seeding, large and small property maintenance services, including customized fertilization programs, and complete project installation.

An Employee-Friendly Landscaping Company

Today Essential Landscaping & Irrigation LLC operates out of a 20-acre facility in Miamisburg, OH and employees 20 Landscape Professionals. The Landscaping business is notoriously tough when it comes to employee retention. Essential Landscaping & Irrigation LLC has the distinction of being one of the preferred employers in Dayton. Steve Campbell takes care of his people and thus boasts a very low turnover. Currently, every single team leader has been with the company over 5 years!
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